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  Turning, millling, boring  all your job shop needs.

A complete job shop located in Birmingham Alabama, Dixie Precision Inc.  provides a full range of large turning and milling capabilities. We have 48,000 square feet of lathes, mills and bars, and support equipment. With precision machining, close tolerances of large fan shaft is one of our specialties. Our large fan shafts are delivered throughout the United States. We have both manual and CNC machinery. Our overhead crane systems allows us to handle loads upwards to 30,000 lbs. Below you will find a partial  list of our equipment and capabilities. 

Schenk Balancing Machine   20 ton balancing machine  105" x 20
7 1/2 Ton Overhead Cranes
3 Ton Overhead Cranes
Eddy Probe testing
Mechanical runout testing
Gauss testing
Misc. Welding equipment
12" Powermatic Drill Press
Morris Radial Drill
Tig Welder
7 1/2 Ton Overhead Cranes
3 Ton Overhead Cranes 

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Engine Lathe Alabama w/digital Readouts
CNC Lathe Alabama
Heavy Duty Lathe Alabama
Vertical Boring mill Alabama
Turret Lathe Alabama
Horizontal Mill Alabama

Vertical Lathe Alabama

Vertical Mill Alabama
Bridgeport Vertical Mill with Digital Readouts Alabama
Hydrotel Vertical Mill Alabama
Horizontal Boring Mill Alabama

Bullard Horizontal Boring Alabama
Planer Mill Alabama
CNC vertical machining center Alabama

Drill Press Alabama
Radial Drill Alabama
American Radial Drill Press Alabama
Automatic Drill Alabama
Key Seater Alabama

Hydraulics Slotter Alabama

Rockford Slotter Alabama
Shaper Alabama
Vertical Band Saw Alabama
Wellsaw Alabama

Pattern Burner with Plasma Alabama
Sunnen Honer Alabama
Tig Welder Alabama
Eddy probe testing Alabama

electrical mechanical runout, Alabama

Gauss testing Alabama

Rotary Tables Alabama

Serving America's Fabrication Industry since 1982

QUESTION ABOUT OUR CAPABILITES  Does Dixie Precision machine Shaft collars in Alabama?  Yes many shaft collars.   Tig Welding in Birmingham.  Weld Alumium. Does Dixie Precision machine aluminum eye bar for  sirocco, wheels in Birminngham?   machine keyway in shaft and hub?   wheel matchdrill to shaft flange,  repair studs machined, shaft with integral flange machined,  machine thrust collar,  machine  barkbin screws,  Birmingham, Alabama,  silo dump valve cams machined, coke oven, door,  machine sleeve, repairair foil blade studs , damper guides pre-machined,   Birmingham, Alababma, feeder knife,  key coupling bored,  machine bearing pedestals  and sole plate,  male spline coupling drilled and reamed, slotted ring , Birmingham, Alabama, air diffuser end plate, support tubes re-,machined,   shourd nose,  diamond burnish, degausse  electrical mechanical runouts,  Birmingham, Alabama, conveyor tail screw,  lime kiln feeder screw. machine spring plates, aluminum pulley machined,  thread pipe plugs,  drill & tap spindles, variable pitch screw,  machine wear ring bronze wear plates,  mandrel repair, conveyor shear pin sprockets,  detroit stoker shaft, motor soleplates,  polish rotor shaft, upper bearing bushing machined,  bearing housing chipper screw,  feed pipe flanges bored to fit,  turbine dome door,  balancing shaft for rotor,  hub nose wire block,  upper support shaft jig plates, birmingham, alabama,   brass damper bearing collars, upper shaft with support diffuser,  radius blocks machined,  trunion shafts ,locling collar socket precision machining, birmingham , alabama, Will Dixie Precision bore and key a hub?   Yes we have bored and keyed many hubs.  Hub up to 60" plus in diameter.   We have keyed all kinds of hub including flex hubs, solid rigid hubs,  geared hubs, hub couplings, lovejoy type hubs, the list goes on and on.   All done in our central Alabama job shop,  Does Dixie Precision Machine Set Screws in Alabama?    Yes we have machined many setscrews  flanges  Does Dixie Precision machine Rotor shafts in Birmingham, Alabama?  Does Dixie Precision machine Sole Plates?  Does Dixie Precision machine pedestals and soleplates?  Does Dixie machine bark bin screws?
Machine soleplates AlabamaMachine pedestals Alabama drawing and machining pedestals  soleplates Alabama

drawing and machining bark bin screws  .Alabama   Does Dixie Precision thread pipe plugs?   pipe threading,  drill and tap hole,  motor and pump bases base
 Will Dixie Precision bore and key a sproket?  Dixie Precision has been boring and cutting keyways in sprockets for 30 plus years.   All types of sprockets including chain sprockets, converyor sprockets, crossover shaft sprockets, Jack shaft sprockets, barkbin sprockets, the list goes on and on.  All done in our North Birmingham machine shop.